A Quip to Keep the Embers Glowing

When I write something, especially without completing the task, and I lose the piece, I have a great deal of trouble forcing myself to rewrite it. It feels redundant. I’d rather moon over the last lost one then write the next. It’s a personal foible over which I must get.

Necessary personal growth aside, that tick is the reason for my delay in posting. I had a perfectly lovely little thing written and then the school’s internet program crashed. Ah well, the grapes were probably sour anyway.


Break has begun. I spent nearly all of yesterday semi-conscious. I’d had to take Mary to work and was unable to go back to sleep thereafter, ensuring my mental and physical uselessness. I think I read a few pages of a required text. I don’t really remember, which is fine, as the book is not much good anyhow. I’d wanted to get some work done. I meant to do a great deal more with this site than I have so far. I hope to catch up over break.

I’m tempted to declare absolutely my future productivity, but given how often that backfires I’ll instead offer a firm “I’ll do my best or whatever.”

I can imagine how impressed that might make one.


In the vein of productivity, I’ve begun taking my plants to the future office / current plant room.

Being incompletely restored and nearly full of the various types of greenery, the room is quite cluttered.

It’s a jungle in there, I tell you.

I’d just started removing the dirt from one of the pots of mints I’d thought dead when I noticed the resilience of the material near it’s base. I think it may recover.

Pictures of all to come.


Finally, I’ve had a piece published in theBurg. It’s titled “The People’s Bridge.” I’d originally written it to be more centered on life taking place in Harrisburg rather than on a small part of life specific to Harrisburg, but expurgated or not, it’s something else published.

It’ll be in print and on sale this weekend. And so “huzzah.” I’ll post an excerpt soon and a link once the piece is out.