Prorogation of the Personal Prerogative, or the Dangers of Dictionary Use

My short non-fiction article, “The People’s Bridge,” is out in theBurg this weekend.

Print versions are available free of charge throughout the city for those like me who prefer solid pages to mouse wheeling; the digital version is available at theBurg‘s website.

I’m tempted to spend this post speaking to how expurgated the published version of the piece is as opposed to the previous incarnation, how my byline was cut to nothing and my spelled numbers were rewritten as numerals, but I’ve heard biting hands is the best way to have them withdrawn.

To be fair, the space available for the piece was short and the magazine’s focus is Harrisburg, not existential angst, so one shouldn’t expect the latter to fit the former.

I’ve gotten the first of Farmer Al’s Indoor Alchemical Agronomy pages up.

Click here for a thrilling (and now properly formatted pictographically) tour of my Study-Lounge.