Dim Sonar

It continually shocks me that I have daily visitors, even when I’ve posted nothing new.  To you avid readers I say a hearty and heartfelt thank you, as well as offer an apology for being less than regular with my missives.  Holidays and all, you know.

I always find multilateral gift giving somewhat awkward.  My family, meaning my father, my girlfriend, the assorted cats, and I fell into a pattern (as my father forced he and me to fall into when it was just the two of us) of collecting each one present at a time then staring with uncomfortable intensity at the one unwrapping his or her gift thus forcing the unwrappper, now already disconcerted by the excessive and unwanted attention (we all, perhaps save the cats, are devote introverts) to begin preparing feigned joy before he’s even gotten the thing undone so as to know whether or not the joy had need of feigning at all to begin with.

We each got each other a lot of books.

Mary got me one on Dim-Mak which offers to be a definitive source of awful kung fu additives I can try out on would-be aggressors.

My father got me mostly books on writing.  I’m not sure if he means to be helpful or to suggest my writing sucks. 

He also got me a book on ancient Far Eastern warfare and battle.  One does begin to sense a theme though, if it be more than coincidence, I doubt the latter of my theories on why my father got me the books he did; it seems ill advised to tell a man he’s no good then to give him a tool (if only an intellectual one {though I suppose one could throw the book [it does have pointy corners]}) with which to commit acts of horrific violence.

I got a surprising few plant things.  Not a complaint, merely something I noticed.

My father got me an organic indoor mushroom growing kit.  I’ve read a bit about them and find fungi fascinating, but this will be my first experiment with deliberate fungus growing.  I’ll document the experiment in the weeks to come.

Mary got me a skull planter.  I look forward to putting something decidedly un-gothic in it, like an African violet or something.  Perhaps a cactus so that it looks like a fusion of Jerry Garcia and his band’s logo. Again, pictures to come.

I made Mary a cactus and succulent planter. It turned out fairly well but even with gloves I managed to get a few barbs embedded in my fingers.  I’m mildly allergic to just about everything on Earth so I spent the rest of the day quarreling with my fingers over their inability to scratch themselves adequately.  Mary liked her planter, though, so all was worth it.  Perhaps I’ll get her to photograph that one.

I hope that all of your holidays went well, and once again, thanks for your continued interest. It means a great deal to me.