Interum Note, or Bon Anniversaire Monsieur le Calendrier Grégorien*

*Happy Birthday, Mr. Gregorian Calendar

As I work on a more elaborate (and much wordier) post, I’m prompted to take a break to assure those interested that I am not yet dead.  Or if I am, I am so of the restless variety, and am, as such, no less productive for it.

A full two-thirds members of the household are ill.

I’ve not even called back my mother since before that tree ceremony thing on the 25th. Tsk.

I’m working on updating the page to make it more useful.  As much as I enjoy a soapbox there has to be more reason than my ranting to draw audiences.  I’ve added to the links section several sites that I think would be useful in literary and horticultural pursuits.

More to come in the next few days.  Until then, have a good end to the year and many happy returns.