Reaffirming the Focus, a Loose Manifesto of Thistlehammerdom

I don’t really understand pop culture.  Not in the hip, “I’m too cool for that band you like” sort of way, but in the “dear god, why would you do that” sort of reaction to most of what I hear about going on in Instertwittanet.  As such, I had to be cajoled and berated into producing posts applicable to a blog instead of just beating you all over the head with short form essays.  But I’m trying to change.  I’m learning that not everything in the blog-o-neterverse is dumb.  And some of what is dumb is funny, like cats doing things or people falling down.  As such I’ve enlisted in the “Blogging 101” class.  Apparently a semester of actual accreditation wasn’t enough judgement for me.

008 (7)As part of the exercise I’m meant to answer several questions, the first of which follows in the vein of all philosophical pursuits and is “why am I here?”  The basic answer is simple, I’m here because of a class.  But then, why do I stay?  Because ultimately, I enjoy it.  I like the thought of sharing ideas with a broad and diverse audience.

Another question is what topics might I write on.  That answer seems self-explanatory for anyone whose ever read a post here.  But I suppose I’ve never codified this site’s purpose.  I really like plants and botanical science.  I like reading and I hope to make my living as a writer.  I was once and occasional still am a sculptor.  I believe that one needn’t be a scientist to live his life by scientific principles, that is, to embrace learning and to be open to knowledge however it may come.  This site is my effort to combine those disparate ideas into a single, plant-themed philosophy based in literacy and affinity for the pursuit of knowledge.IMG_0739

The third question, with whom would I like to connect via my blog, is fairly easy to answer: I’d like to connect with anyone who  thinks.  This world is quickly becoming one of mindlessness, so anyone who takes the time to reason is worth knowing in my esteem.

The final question asks how I’d classify success.  There’s no single measure.  I’d like some proof of engaged readers.  I’d like comments, I’d like people to talk, to state their thoughts on what I’ve written.  A “like” is nice and great for the ego, but a well reasoned comment is a thousand-fold more provocative.  Not that you shouldn’t “like” my posts. I like “likes.”  I suppose my ideal achievement for the blog would be that it comes to matter to people.  That my writing, my plant science, and occasionally my sculpture, would be important enough to people that they’d willing take time out of their days to engage with it.  Should that occur, this site would be a complete success so far as concerns me.


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