Trifling Sums*; or Thanks Again, New Chums


Small changes, came and to come.  Mostly reorganization that won’t affect regular visitors beyond making it easier to read my most frequently visited pages. 

I’ve eliminated, for now, the sales page I put up as a requirement for the course which spawned the site.  For those horrified at the prospect of not being able to buy plants or supplies from me, I estimate the shop’s return in march**, accompanied with functional links, better pictures, and more stock.

I’ve rearranged the top menu to better reflect the outcome of my peer research, i.e. I realized that whenever I found a post from someone else I liked I Immediately went to his or her bio.  As such I’ve brought mine to the foreground from its hiding place under nested links.  The next step is to update it.

As my regular readership grows I hope to continue making small changes in the vein of those mentioned to make the site more interesting and more rewarding to visit.  I again wish to thank those of you who’ve made reading my blog a regular part of your routine, it still means a great deal to me and enthuses me to write.

**I don't believe in capitalizing the first letters of improperly proper nouns. I nearly never capitalize the names of the days, weeks, or months. I encourage you to do the same, unless you've some special affinity for them that I have not.