Checking In


‘ve been posting for a bit over five months. I’ve seen a few huge spikes in readership in which my daily visits were literally into the teens, maybe even the upper teens, and a few days where the crickets were so quiet one could here the tumble weeds pining for wind.  I’m fine with ups and downs, variety makes life interesting.  What I’m confounded by is the lack of correlation.  Some of my busiest days were those no where near when I’ve posted.  I’ve had weeks with only a few visitors when I posted three or more times.  Generally I get a few visits every day, but they don’t really seem to match up with my expectations.  The scientist in me is perplexed.  As such, I’m adding a new, regular feature to the site in a quarterly poll.  I’ll look through my tags and make up a list of my top most and least attractive, compile them, and ask you to let me know why you did or didn’t like something.  I want to produce content to keep those of you who visit frequently in the habit of doing so and to encourage those of you less excited by my existence to grow somewhat less tepid.

The poll(s) will stay up for a week or two, sticky noted to the front page (provided McKinely allows me that. McKinely is often stingy) and will be open to comments.  Please let me know what keeps you returning or what’s disappointed you over the last half year.

Thanks for your continuing interest,


p.s. What do you think of the stylistic letter opening the post? Should I continue using said visual the device?