A Short Note, Thanks for the Likes

I just hit one hundred likes here.  A sincere thanks to all of you who read and have been reading my blog these past several months. 

The format and focus have changed somewhat since the page’s inception and I hope to continue to adapt for the better in the coming months.  Next friday will see a new regular feature centered around creative writing and inclusive of a prompt.  In a few weeks the weather will be warm enough for gardening and planting, making for frequent posts on such.  In may, I hope to start some larger experiments in organic growing and I’ll have to the time to work on my book(s) and to start harassing the local publications with my publishables.  There’ll be no shortage of things for me to write and report about on here.

Again, thank you for your views, likes, and comments.  I hope to have you with me when I hit 200.

Cheers,                                                                                                                                                     Alexander



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