FTFS, Second Proof

The cover is coming together.  I’m much happier with this version than I was the previous and am excited to see it in print.

ftfs proof 4

The color scheme is more in keeping with my proposed theme of writers writing against nuclear annihilation in an age of new and archaic industry kept safe by, but slowly going made in, the last bastion of atomic safety.  Perhaps my hopes were too specific.  Nonetheless, I’m pleased with the current color scheme as is, adherence to my hopes for an entire storyline engendered by a scattering of unrelated images aside.

ftfs inside cover 1Here’s how the inside shall appear. ftfs inside 2 I think the repetition of the yellow does more to extend the fallout themes and unify the magazine than the red did, especially given the previous cover’s exclusion of red in favor of blue.

As I said, I’m quite happy with the look of the thing now, though I do think I’ll do more of the cover work myself should I be in such a position of control again.  While this looks good, it isn’t exactly what I had in mind.  That isn’t to say Andy and Graphtech didn’t do a commendable job, just that I am particularly exacting and am at the same time not entirely able to communicate the dimensions of what I see in my mind to the the constraints of reality.  The failing is entirely mine, and as such, it would be easier for me not to have to translate at all.  My explanations removed, any additional muddling between thought and fingers might be avoided.