The Philadelphia Flower Show

Mary’s summation of the day does as well as mine.

Fennec Fawn

A week ago, I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show. This event is put on by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to raise money for education and urban gardening initiatives. The event was comprised of a few different areas, the most prominent being the themed exhibits made by different groups under the year’s theme. This year, the theme was “Lights, Cameras, BLOOM!”, a nod to Disney and Pixar movies. The designers come from around the world and have only five days to create their gardens and displays.

Some of the designs were a little disappointing because I couldn’t tell what each movie was supposed to be, and I feel like some of the designers only had a vague idea of what the movies were about. For example, the Cars exhibit could have made the form of a car out of red roses, but it just had some junk yard accessories in…

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