Prelude to Fortune Cookie Fridays

1495_fortune-cookie.jpg-628x577I have been thinking of a regular activity to prompt habitual writing.  One of my biggest problems, not just with writing but with everything in my life, is consistency.  It’s very ease for me to fall out of the habit of doing and into the habits of lethargy and procrastination.  That indolence invariably tightens down into anger at self and then depression, breeding more lethargy and even less action.  It’s a very nasty positive feedback loop and one I find myself in often.

So, the need to write more and more diligently is point one.

I eat a very great deal of Asian food.  Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Indian are all things I could eat happily every day, the proof of this statement evident in my regular coup de grace on the lunch buffet at the Chinese and Japanese restaurant at which I used to work.  Damn shame it burned down (or possible was burned down, Triple Crown is the property company and I’ve heard it’s a mob holding), they had some of the best of both country’s cuisine in the Harrisburg Metropolitan.  This is not a small feat for despite how diminutive Harrisburg is on the city scale it boasts a wide variety of food types and Chinese, lately Japanese as welbigstock-Fortune-Cookiel, are particularly prevalent.  This long aside aside, that easy availability of Asian foods lead me to have a huge number of fortune cookie forecasts scattered about.  Most are dreck.  Some are hilarious.  Some, especially if deliberately misconstrued, are poignantly deep.  They seemed too good to merely recycle.

Point two is that a have a hell of a lot of meticulously, lovingly, hand-selected fortune cookie prose poems.

Given my demands and my resources, it seems only natural to use the latter to meet the former.  So, starting tomorrow, I’ll be doing a regular feature entitled Fortune Cookie Fridays.  In each post I’ll include a memo Moirai slip I found particularly provocative to use as a writing prompt.  My response to said prompt, and an invitation to those of you  of my readers belonging to the writing set to submit your own responses in the comments.

I think this could be enjoyable.  I’d like to connect with more of you writers out there and as we one and all know, the best practice for writing is more writing.


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