Fortune Cookie Friday for 20 march 2015

Vice and virtue, eh?  I guess it depends on who you ask.  Not exactly two sides of a coin but the currency sure does fluctuate.  So, last year I was on the down and down.  This one?  I’m on the up and out.  I can’t say as I see much change in myself.  Same crooked life, fewer crooked teeth.  Nicer suits, better booze.  But me?  No, I haven’t changed.  So yeah, I’d say it’s subjective.

Thirteen months ago, half of what I did would’ve got me run in.  Now, we’re in the year of the tiger and all my goddamned luck changes.  Now I’m not a thumb breaker, I’m a facilitator.  I’m a social lubricator.  Blood or liquor, all the same.  Both get spilled, all the same.  Bottles swing better empty.

Next year, who knows?  Maybe I go back to being the bogey man.  Maybe I move back up the hill, back into west town, back with all the other predators where I don’t look special, back into the small pond with the small sharp fish.  Back where sharks stay stunted to guppies.  But I got a year.  I got time to grow.  I get big enough I won’t fit back in my hole.  I get too big, though, and I don’t get thrown back.  I get gormandized.

So today’s a day where people don’t like heroes.  They don’t even like antiheroes.  They like guys like me who do bad things to worse people and don’t feel the least bit bashful about it.  I do the same thing I did on the school yard, stealing lunch money from thieves, kicking the shit out of bullies, and suddenly it’s all good.  Suddenly I’ve got reasons.

I’ve always had reasons.  I’ve always had a story.  I haven’t changed one bit.  Yesterday, I was mister vice guy, today, I’m mister virtue.  Just because you’re ok with it doesn’t make what I do any different, who you think I am now doesn’t make me any less who I was.

138Today’s Fortune Cookie Friday has to do with changing interpretations.  What makes a bad guy the good guy?  Any given action movie sees the protagonist murdering dozens of opponents.  Is he still a hero?  How do we judge those who do good things for bad reasons, do we judge them by their intentions or by their deeds?  How does one define morality and is it something that shifts with the fashions of society or does it remain a universal constant?  What do you think?

If you’d like to play along, write a short story, scene, or blurb focusing on today’s cookie’s announcement, that “what’s vice today may be virtue tomorrow.”  Tear the idea apart.  Support it vehemently.  The comment space is yours to use as you see fit.

Happy writing.



  1. I think the deeds of the bad guy, are ultimately a result of his/her intentions, right? So yes, if you’re gonna judge someone, especially for doing a bad thing, it should be by their intentions rather than their deeds. That being said, the intention of someone, is effected by different factors isn’t it. Like the action hero, killing bad guys is somehow justified, because they are by definition: bad guys, we can justify it because they’re bad and deserve to die, and here is the paradox … the bad guys too, may be a product of a bad environment, some wrong choices, who knows? But do they deserve to die because of those choices? … The point I think I’m making here is, whether you’re being a bad guy or a good guy, on any given day – No body knows the story of how you got there, and therefore, should not judge. And vice versa of course.
    Peace 🙂

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      1. As long as you’re good… what is it that they say? The position of the variables does not alter the end result hehehe


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