Saturday Seedlings and Branching Away from Blogging

I haven’t been and won’t be doing much posting over the last and next few days.  I’ve got due dates, deadlines, and frost cessation with which to contend.

It’s spring and I haven’t nearly the number of seedlings I’d hoped to have started by now.  My eleven year on and off stint in undergraduate studies is down to its ultimate semester.  The journal release party is next week, the bathroom is nearly finished, and I’ve got several fiction and non-fiction pieces taking shape.  With the appearance of buds, so seems to be returning my productivity.

I plan to spend most of my weekend with my hands in the dirt.  What time outside of that I have I mean to use to finish up some of the last few undergraduate papers I’ll ever write.

Here are some of the seedlings as they were last week (most have tripled in size since):
Happy weekending.


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