End of Undergrad

053I’ve turned in my final undergraduate paper, and with that, I’m finished.  My graduation ceremony is sunday and I’m still awaiting grades for three of my five classes, but there’s nothing more for me to do.  I no longer have any demands nor any means to guide my academic career.  I have a strange sense of being the captain of a trudging ship that’s finally made harbor only to be pulled by tugboat the last few miles into dock.  It’s a listlessness I hope will fade, I know will somewhat dissipate with the receipt of my grades.  Given how few courses I’ve taken at this college, the previous colleges unable to affect my GPA, I am at the complete mercy of every class not logged.  Any one of the three remaining could drop me from honors to sub honors.

Or I might be out already. Someone told Mary, who told me, that this campus doesn’t do honors by college, but by the campus as a whole.  There are a great many simple people here with good GPAs, some better than those of my much more intelligent friends.  The disappointing truth of this campus is that often what is rewarded is the completion of work, not its quality.  One can always hope for the best, though, not that doing such has ever much appealed to me.  Being dour has always been my forte, I think.

052Fortunately, at this final break from papers upon papers, after sixty-odd pages written in the last two weeks, I’ll be free from too great a decrease in stress.  They say it’s no good to quit cold turkey, so I’m glad there’s something else for me to obsess over following graduation.

Three weeks from friday I have my belt test for kung fu.  While not comparable to SEAL training or Royal Marine boot camp, the trial of Pai Lum rank demonstration is fairly demanding.  I believe I’ll be among the highest ranked there.  This is significant in that our seifu intermixes the tests so that one steps to the back of the kwan when others are being tested for something he doesn’t know.  Those who know everything being tested get no such breaks.  In the summer, when the kwan, devoid of air conditioning and often fans, is filled with dozens of perspiring kung fu practitioners, it’s best not to be the top ranked.

But for tonight, I shalln’t worry about any of this, not my grades, my ranking, nor the work I need to do to be ready for my kung fu test.  Tonight, I’ll see the Avenger-ers with its Jarvis-Vision (Jarvision? Do they even reference that the same actor does both roles? I’ll soon know!), ingest fatty foods, partake of intoxicants, and cautiously revel in the quiet demise of a decade long academic perambulation.



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