Saturday Soreness, Satisfaction, and Submissions

Several hundred listings and two hours passed, I’ve finished the day’s job searching.  Now that my back is sticky from sitting and my knees are sore from inactivity, I can settle in for further laptop activity.  It’s hard to be enthusiastic for two hours of writing when every joint below my rib cage wants for a stretch.

kung fu checklistI am thoroughly sore, but it hasn’t all come of sedentary and fruitless job searching.  Wednesday was my return to heavy lifting and it was a legs day.  Ever since sitting has been something only temporarily comfortable.  This was made fully evident at the end of last night’s kung fu session when, after two hours of rigorous testing, my seifu gave an impromptu forty minute lecture. 

One might think that it was the solid hundred and thirty minutes of kung fu demonstration that have kept my legs sore but I am firmly in the belief that it’s all this retched relaxing that’s to blame.  No work, no study, and today no physical trials. Tsk, the ease is surely to blame.  That and the humidity that very well may be affecting my knees the way scalding water affects a dried sponge.

writers-prize-2015I settled on a submission for the Norton Undergraduate Writing Contest.  I had had trouble deciding on one until yesterday as this is to be my final undergraduate competition.  I was torn between works that had won but had been published or ones that had been rejected elsewhere.  I settled on a piece that is, as a sport enthusiast might describe, my “winningest” one.  Thinking about it, I realize the other one I’d been considering was a sort of non-winning winner, it being the piece that should have won the non-fiction award in From The Fallout Shelter but that I had to withdraw to give some other special snow flake a chance to sparkle.

I think the thing I look forward to most about entering the rougher, harsher world of professional writing is a freedom from the above sort of childishness inherent in undergraduate writing.  Outside the ivory tower the competition is stiffer, the contests more populated, and the judges less forgiving, but should one win more than once, he isn’t forced to surrender his subsequent successes. 

And barring publication I can always kick things until I feel better, that is, providing my knees haven’t rusted solid.