Half Way to Thirty

Wednesday before last was my half birthday.  I believe in holidays, I believe in celebrating people, others mainly, and myself occasionally, as I feel making time for celebration imbues life with meaning, makes existence more than a stride toward completion.  Pleasant way points are what make a trip enjoyable.20150616_105721

For my half birthday I bought myself a small Japanese maple, something I’ve wanted for more than a decade since my last one died due to summer trips and maternal floracide.  While cleaning the day before I’d re-discovered a long forgotten pot on the second floor with a plant I’d isolated and left to die (it was infested with Scale, and while I’d hoped the palm might pull through I wasn’t willing to risk the health of all my other houseplants) .  The pot will do well for the new tree that now sits atop the stump of my much missed spruce.  I find some solace in the knowledge that young trees process more carbon dioxide than elderly ones and that, when the yard is finished, there will actually be a greater number of trees on my property, not fewer.

CGxjZWFWoAAD6Kj.jpg largeAfter stopping at the credit union so that Mary could deposit her check we found we had an unusual teller.  We (well, Mary, I was driving) took quite a few pictures as the deer seemed more intent on eating the vegetation along the parking lot’s edge than she did in avoiding people.  After Mary had made her deposit we circled around to leave, but doubled back when we noticed the deer headed toward the highway.  We tried to startle her back in but she was still unimpressed with our presence.  Fortunately, she decided the vegetation closer to the woods seemed more appealing and headed away from the roads as Mary and I turned out of the intersection.

20150616_105711We stopped by the Hydroponics store and picked up some pots.  I’m happy that they now have prices on everything so that I no longer must fear the embarrassment of selecting something for purchase only to find I can ill afford it.  Now I know right away that I can’t.  I left the store with enough five gallon pots to surround the porch in a uniformity of maples (a term I’d very much like to come to mean specifically an artificial copse of a given tree)

I checked the mail to see if my ties have come and found a package that seemed too dense and heavy to be ties.  Momentarily fearing that the ties I’d ordered were made of led I took the parcel inside.  Feeling it gave me a distinctly un-tie-like impression so I thought perhaps my father had gotten me a book as is the custom for my half year anniversary, but instead it was one I’d ordered several weeks ago and forgotten about.

Between the sushi, the pizza, the coffee, and the coffee themed martini, I felt physically rather terrible, but spiritually I was and am quite satisfied.  It was a good cap to the first half of my twenty-ninth year.  May the next six months be as pleasant, literary, and plant filled, for if such be so, then I shall be content.