An Unnatural Chill

The temperature has finally decreased in the Susquehanna Valley region, our mountain and river driven micro-climate has shifted from the unbearable to the fairly pleasant and after three days of overheated, muscular seizure, my own temperature has dropped even lower.  Sitting in a new shop, one with light air conditioning and an open door, I’m shivering.  My knees ache as they would in the winter.  My iced coffee seems a mistake.  My jaws ache from grit, it doesn’t seem presentable to shiver in june.

cravecoCrave is new to the city, newer to me.  The place has been open for a few months but its hours, like those of most downtown shops, apply most to the city and state workers who turn into pumpkins come six.  Something blander than pumpkins.  They turn into acorn squash.  Regardless of exactly which cucurbit they most resemble, they aren’t night people save for fridays and saturdays when they flood second street like driven cattle.  What night life we’ve got is powered mostly by the new transplants and exturbanites, those who live around but choose not to live in Harrisburg proper.  Still, it’s getting better.  There’s more now than there has been at any time in the twenty-five-sih years I’ve lived here.  Credit to where it’s due, such can be said of any consecutive time under either former mayor Reed or current mayor Papenfuse.  I may object to some of their methods but it does seem as if they were and are interested in the city. Thompson, that nutty bitch, draws no positive comments regarding her single term reign.

Still shivering, my regret of the iced mocha has nonetheless mostly subsided.  There’s pretty good coffee hereLittle Amps still, unfortunately, has the best coffee in the area.*  They’ve no food, though, and Crave has quite a bit.  It isn’t cheap, but it is organic.  I had quiche which I was almost able to forget was meatless.  Being an avowed eater of animal protein and dedicated omnivore, the inspiration of such a sensation in me is quite an accomplishment for Crave’s chef.  The salad that came with my meal was tiny, but the greens were crisp and the balsamic dressing was tasty.  I very much appreciated that the menu of this vegetarian menu relied predominantly on vegetables instead of meatless meat.  I much prefer an honest recipe of vegetables to an imitation of animal protein that never tastes quite right.  Despite not being a vegetarian I’m happy with my meal and I plan to return. 

DSC_0017Speaking of city integration, my sifu is offering free kung fu classes tomorrow at the Harrisburg Kung Fu Center.  Pai Lum kung fu is perhaps the most pragmatic martial art I’ve ever encountered.  It’s immediate and long term health benefits far outstrip any other sort of exercise regime I’ve ever undertaken and in terms of self-defense and martial capability I would put it above anything else available in the area.

Sifu Pai Pono Li has been practicing kung fu for forty years and is the most impressive martial artist I’ve ever met. I would recommend anyone able to attend tomorrow come to the school.  I’ve met no one in my four years of practice who has regretted his time there, be it for a self-defense course, yoga, pai lum, arnis, ken jitsu, or tai chi.  Through school, depression, and ailments, Pai Lum has been one of the few, persistent positive elements in my life and as such I cannot recommend it highly enough to do it justice.

*I say unfortunately because, while the owners and employees are all very nice, I simply can't abide this hipster, modern hippy bullshit.  Trust fund babies dressing in hobo cosplay while being pretentious about apathy has got to be the stupidest thing since the impoverished willingly voting republican.