Blogging Advice?

In trying to entice Google into sending more visitors my way, I thought I’d discovered a lapse in my linking.  I found a pingback for my poem A Man Alone is No Man at All, but suspiciously found no such inter-linkage between Penn State Harrisburg’s site and A Race to Paper, a Race Against Morpheus, which I’ve just verified that I’ve done an excerpt post for (forgive the grammatical error, no way of stating this sentence otherwise seemed anything but deadly awkward).

Basically, internets, how do they work?

Really, though, I have no idea.  Mary so much as looks at her computer and she seems to get half of Asia visiting her site and I can’t even get my links to stick.  Can anyone give me a hand?  I tried yelling at my computer, then I hit it with a rock.  Short of flinging my feces I’m all out of ideas.

So if anyone more technologically savvy somehow manages to accident his or her way onto this post, please, by all means, leave me some pointers in the comments section.  Or email them.  Or messenger pigeon, that seems more my speed.