Hiatus Hyphenated (Because Punctuated Wouldn’t Have Been Aliterative)

books 1-and because this post was dashed off (dashed, get it? Well I thought it was funny), and also because I have a sense of interruption and interjection in writing this week’s pieces.

I don’t remember the weekend.  I know I spent most of it indoors.  I know I spent a good deal of it working at not working, demanding that I take time off so as not to burn out.  I spent a quantifiable sum drinking, but very little of it drunk.  I know I came to near blows with my desktop over chapter formatting and page numbering, with a wall over the existence of walls in my way, and with one of my Shen Shungs (that latter-most one being entirely socially acceptable, we were, after all, trying to beat one another with sticks per the requirements of the class curriculum, pugilism was encouraged).

My science fiction piece has proper chapters.  That’s of what I’m most proud to have come from the weekend.  I’ve written a lot of attempts at books and the problem has consistently been that they seemed like long versions of short stories.  Each one had (has, still, I suppose) a lot of ideas, but the details were missing.  One would have to be me to get out of them what I imagined while writing them.

books 2With this piece, the details are there.  The flow seems natural and I’m not putting things down just as place holders to reach the next idea that interests me.  I’m actually writing a long form story in long form, not leaving the filling in of a skeletal work for future Alexander.  I’m enjoying both the broad sweeps and the nitty grit.  I’m nearly at 9,000 words and I’ve managed to get there without jumping to the end, or to the epilogue.  Notes aside, the thing is actually sequential.  Fancy that.

It’s still a first draft.  I’ve no illusions that the piece should be immune to revision.  I’ve gone back and filled in several thin spots already, but I’m happy to be able to spot them, happier still to be able to fix them without becoming bored.  This might be the project that finally turns into a finished book.

My new writing schedule is working well.  My health, despite the heat, is improving.  I’ve several upcoming projects about which I’m excited.

All in all, there’s very little that demands complaint.


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