101 Deliberations, Celebrating My Centennial Post

75104_1Monday was my one-hundredth WordPress missive.  In early october I wrote my first post as the start of my writing minor’s final course’s main project.  Ten months gone by and with a centenarian demarcation to boot, now seems a good time for reflection.

Since that first post, I’ve been graduated with “Higher Distinction” from the institution which prompted it.  “Higher” because my school refused to be traditional and instead used the wonderfully awkward “higher honors” in place of magne cum laude (higher than what?  Is it a universal constant?  Do I rise to the top even amongst Nobel laureates and professional violence-iers?  Such is the innate problem in including a comparison as part of a title).

centipede-clip-art-331736I’ve advanced a level in kung fu.  I’ve attained the last semi-colorful belt before the rainbow gives way to metallic, and before that gives way to monochromaticism.  It’s odd to think I’ve been doing kung fu for three and a half years.  Before the decade’s out I’ll have been doing kung fu for as long as I did judo.  Already longer than my years of submission wrestling.  At the heels of my tenure as a three-weapon fencer.  Strange as I surpass with modern the elements by which I’ve defined myself.

It would be stranger still for me to think of having finished school, but as graduate studies loom I still feel enmeshed in academia. In three or four years I can work myself into that particular existential crisis.

I’ve written a literal few-hundred pages since october.  One-hundred-fifty or so for school, significantly more for personal writing; either here, fictive, or creative-non.

1herding-australian-shepherdI’ve had some rejections, some promises, and some compliments.  I’ve got two batches of pieces currently “In-Progress” on submittable.  I’ve got three projects underway, upcoming contests thereafter, and regular submissions throughout.

I’ll be helping Mary edit Magazine 1785 as the mighty “Folio Editor” (all shall love me and despair).

Despite the limits of my enervated fuel reserve, there’s no shortage of to-dos.

A major one of which is the retrofitting of this site.  I’m happy with my format, it’s served me well as I’ve developed an understanding of blogging and internet publication en masse, but I’ve outgrown it.  My original intentions don’t suit my practical experience.  The format, while to my taste, isn’t so professional, nor so easily navigable, as I’d like.  When I had a handful of followers, most of whom I knew personally, the foibles of the site were easy to glaze over.  As the site’s followers grow, and as I see greater opportunity for self-promotion and professional advancement through the site, I see a greater need for perfection.

10 squaredThere’ll be no earth shattering alterations.  Everything you like about the site shall remain (unless you like frustration, in which case I’m afraid you’re s.o.l.).  The greatest change will be that of regularity.  I’m in the process of developing my own schedule to accommodate the aforementioned preponderance of personal and professional tasks and included in the list making process are time-slots for blogging.

Look for the changes in the next few weeks.  Should you visit the site and it looks different than you remember, fear not, you’ve not been sucked into a parallel universe of horrors.

It’s been a good ten months.  I hope to make the next ten better still.


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