A “What I’ve Been Up to This Week” Wednesday

I didn’t get a chance to work on my long-form sci-fi much over the last two weeks.  Between external demands and internal problems I fell well below my self-set weekdaily requirement of a thousand words.  The week before last I left for Baltimore on thursday, so I had some excuse, being out of town and in some way intoxicated from then through sunday.  Last week was simply one of unnecessary hurdles.  Monday was a struggle for productivity against fatigue and petty annoyances that I mostly lost.  Tuesday, however, saw my come back.

I didn’t get Adam, the story’s protagonist out of the room I’d spent the last few dozen pages exploring, but I found a means for his exit.  I’ve got the introductory third, the biggest third (no one said they had to be three equal pieces) laid out, roughly, in my head such that the story is no longer an if I’ll finish but a when.

I wrote 2,400 words on tuesday.  Another 1,000 today, a bit of a drop off from yesterday, but in my defense I got about 100 minutes of sleep last night.  Writing today was somewhat hampered by brainlessness.  I’m really looking forward to writing tomorrow when I hope to have caught up a bit on my sleep.  I’m excited to see how this first section of the story turns out. 

It really does need a name, all these imprecise references to it are getting cumbersome.

In other writerly news, this week saw the acceptance of a short non-fiction piece I wrote for a project created by the thinktank Im-Possible and the completion of a semi-flash sci-fi piece which I’ve submitted to Science Fiction Daily.  I really enjoyed the latter piece and was almost sorry to have to submit it and lose my ability to tinker with it.  If SFD doesn’t take it I’m sure I’ll take another week and play with it some more.  I think it has the potential for being a very popular piece.