Monday Mooning*

*Or pining, or gazing navel.  Whichever odd phrase you prefer.

I’m forced to contemplate deeply, for my mobility is once more lacking.  Who’d have thought an entire day of drinking, eating meat, drinking, and eating meat would have lead to a flare up of my gout-footedness?  It honestly wasn’t something I’d considered until the early signs, the spikes in the joint, began to show.  A quart of cherry juice wasn’t enough to stop the progression, so now I’m back to my peg-leg pirate Pete imitation.  Yarr, at least it helps me focus on me writin’, says I.

My sad car, not to be confused with the shared indifferent car, has finally made its way to a proper shop.  AAA is wonderful for towing, but my jaunt to Philadelphia and the month of my car portraying a very heavy paper weight since, has convinced me they’re rather shit for repairs.  It was time to take it to a proper shop

I was set to go to Bavarian Select Auto today.  I’d explained the car’s continued issues, it’s inability to start and powerless shuddering, and the receptionist had scheduled me without further question. I used up another of my included annual triple A tows and had the old Benz taken over.

Barely two hours later, the receptionist calls me to tell me there’s nothing wrong with my car.  It was nearly flooded (from all my attempts at turning it over, I imagine) but they’d cleared that and it was now totally fine.  Recognizing this for the utter falsehood it was, I probed further, inquiring about the ignition trouble and the power loss, where upon the receptionist said they had lost Andy, the mechanic whose tenure at Bavarian was my sole reason for selecting the place, and since then they no longer “do that,”  which I take to mean “perform any sort of useful car service whatsoever.”

Unwilling to take my car home and use up the final remaining tows left, one to retrieve it, the next to return it to the wilds, I saddled Mary with the task of driving the automatic over to the much more diligent seeming fellow at Euro Care while I led the way in the Cardis (Mary’s term for the burnt pumpkin colored Suzuki {because it seems bigger on the inside than it does externally}).  One hopes the car will be back by monday a week, we’ll need two functioning cars for Mary’s new job.

All this inter-cut with research on further home remedies for gout, the primary suggestion on each page and the one I always forget being, take as much rest as possible.

Ah, well.

Today's picture is of urate. Apparently, the form uric acid takes when depositing in joints is needle-like, not geometric.  I'd always thought it was more like rock candy.