Magazine1785, Now with More Print

There’s no cold open I can write referencing the magazine’s recent growth and its staff’s business that won’t sound trite, cliched, or overused.  I’ve thus decided to abandon the opening and start somewhere after the third paragraph, maybe the fifth.

In that way, magazine 1785 is like a predatory amoeba, taking the best parts of it’s victims, it’s powers and prowess every growing–

Perhaps I should start a little earlier.

Magazine1785’s recent collaboration with Only Harrisburg provided several things. We at 1785 learned a bit about the publishing climate in Harrisburg, what people are looking for, what’s already out there, what’s been tried before. Through trying to reach a compromise with Only Harrisburg we learned what we did, and didn’t want in a printed journal.  I think we’re better for the association, we have a more solid plan for how to proceed.  We’ve expanded what we can do, and lost…

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