Hallowen Happenstance

I’m throwing a Halloween party friday, and for its preparations I must do a lot.

The weather forecast is threatening frost, and while I’ve already moved my plants into the foyer, it will soon be time to bring them the rest of the way into the house.  In addition to those plants, I’ve been rounding up all my succulents and tropical plants, the former need a warmer, dryer, and much brighter area than they currently have and the need warmth and space.

To handle the houseplants, I’ve swapped the ancient incandescent bulbs in the front room for high powered florescents.  My hardware store had sets labelled with both their lumens and kelvin temperatures, allowing me to set up a balanced growing mix of 2700k and 6500k.  I don’t expect prodigious growth between now and spring, but I hope the plants will manage better than they did last year.

In the basement I’ve set up the beginning of my more professional grow region.  I have my tent up, but not yet wired.  I have one four foot heat mat in, along with another set of dual temperature bulbs.  I’ve got spider plants between the two, a fairly unfussy plant I hope will take well to the growing accommodations.

In addition to moving around a dozen biome’s variety of plant life, I have to clean the party areas.  While I haven’t seen the contractor who sporadically works on my house, his piles of building materials have taken up permanent residence.  It’s past time they went into the basement.

We have a library at the house, something my father had installed at great expense.  Not more than a few months aftr its completion we’d filled all the shelves.  The room is stacked with books, which while not a bad problem to have, does make using the room for anything other than literary cairn making difficult.  My father, unbothered by this, continues ordering books weekly.  They’ve all got to go into the library, but I am less trusting of the static nature of the house than my father is, and I don’t really want to continue his obelisk building bit.

There are bundles of other things to move, but those are the main categories. 

The two other time consuming tasks are cooking and decorating. 

Mary and I haven’t begun any of that.  The party is in fifty-four hours and eighteen minutes, so forgive my absence from the internet.  I hope to return soon.