Bien Fait

I wish I were a better polyglot so that I could better indemnify my international visitors.

Today saw my first Brazilian visitor (ola). In looking over WordPress’s global visitation map I see more orange and red than I see blank, which I find really inspiriting. Encouraging, but also intimidating. My own grasp of any language other than English is less than tenuous. I’ve tried to learn at least the phrase for “I don’t speak ____” in as many languages as possible, but even there I’m behind the rest of the world.

So I commend you, my international friends, for being so proficient in a language not native to your tongue that you can comfortably and casually read a blog like mine, one filled with both ten dollar words and five cent puns, idioms and lunacy.

And here I’ve been proud of myself for making it through the warning labels on the back of appliances in French or Spanish.

You’ve put my language skills to shame, and I commend you for it.