Sand Castles by the Sea

Make a point and see it wash away.  When that point was a complaint it’s erosion was for the best.

My jewelry has been accepted for consignment to the Susquehanna Art Museum.  All of it.  There’s not much to comprise the whole of what remains, but that they took the lot is something pleasant.  Now I’ve just got to hope someone buys some of it.

The house is emptying.  I’ve been clearing out a lot of kipple, multiple unrelated attempts at cleaning comprising a theme I’d not noticed until today’s cleanly precipice.  Mary even emptied the refrigerator to feed the composter.

I’ve several dozen baby succulents potted and resettled under the obliterating grow light in the basement.  Their unification and household exodus frees up a lot of space for my herbs and other non-xeroscape flora.  Quite a few of those, the leafier green plants, have also moved into the basement under a less intense set of lights.  Under performers have been rounded up, isolated, and then doted on.  Couldn’t bring myself to the more business-like conclusion of pitching them.  I’d rather take the time for them to convalesce.

All of this plant and jewelry rearrangement, the weekly sorties into the basement to collect what’s disposable, Brahm’s death, my weight loss, broken dishes, discarded items, all leads me to a stream-lined existence.  My life is grower sleeker, less fettered, in preparation for what’s to come.

That or after thirty years I finally got tired of the mess.

To those Harrisburg adjacent:

I’ll be running a plant booth at the HBGFlea this saturday.  There will be a lot of local goods and artisans on hand, brunch, booze, and live music.  I encourage you to stop by, it’ll be worth your time, even if you don’t buy one of my spider plants.

The week following, you can find my jewelry at the Susquehanna Art Museum just down the street.  Whether you’re in the market for fantastically well made holiday gifts in the form of handmade silver jewelry or a fascinating look at architectural design and how it influences and is influenced by culture you’d do well to stop by the SAM.  As Harrisburg’s premier art museum it’s worth supporting.