Deconstruction December

Having spent all of november working on a single story, I feel the opposite is necessary to keep myself balanced and to avoid the atrophy of my short fiction muscles.

I have a folder full of fragments, ideas I’ve had that seemed worth recording but that haven’t grown since, pieces that didn’t fit into other stories, recordings of dreams, premises, counter points to film, short works I wrote before I was any good at it, and so on.  Small, incomplete passages. 

I occasionally raid the folder, but more often add to it than plumb it.

December will see that change.  I’ve selected all of the items in the folder and renamed them “fragment,” this will ensure that I’ll have no clue what each item is until I’ve opened it. 

To pick the three pieces I’ll roll a series of dice. The first will determine the number of dice I roll (1-2=1, 3-4=2, 5-6=3), the second will determine whether I add or multiple the dice (odd, add; even, multiply), and the final dice will declare the actual result.

A lot of die rolling, I know.  I think my recent stint repairing models for a friend has jogged my gaming brain.

My intent is to do something as different from what I was doing as possible.  I’ll spend as little time as possible on each piece, but the time I spend on it will be excruciatingly fixed on detail.  I’ll worry over each word, not how many hundred of them I can get down in an hour.

I hope to have excerpts of the first results up soon.

Not too soon, it’s a busy week.

But soon.