Changes a’Coming

With my plant business website soon ready to run in earnest, I’m going to be doing some streamlining of this site.

Most of the plant matter will go on to the other page and what will remain here will be the literary side of things.  I’ll still write on science and still make commentary on nature, but it will come more in the form of musings and less as science based articles (not that I’ve done many of those in the last few months).

The Farmer Al sections which have languished either locked or unfinished are soon to go.  Scientia Potentia est are out, too.  While I’m at it, the links page will get the boot as well.

I may start up some new pursuits to fill in the gaps or I may allow this site to remain somewhat more in keeping with feng shui.

If things begin to look different and you feel suddenly alone, have no fear, it really is me, not you.