Deconstruction Number Two

Given the debacle that was last week’s attempt at generating an unpredictable collection of fragments, I’ve skipped some of the randomization on the selection end.

The new method is as such: three items, pulled at random (I found a random number generator online that allows one to enter upper and lower limits) with repeats discarded and replaced.  My hope is to treat this folder as Melina Draper titles hers, “compost.”  The end of any good compost mound is for the entirety of its mass to go into whatever substrate in which one chooses to grow.  No leftovers, no waste. 

Such might be a little optimistic an endeavor for a one month activity, to handle more than a decade’s worth of blurbs, especially as I hope I’ll keep coming up with new ones, but if I make this scrounging a regular habit I hope to have fewer blank page “now what” moments.

It’s certainly helping to break me out of the novel writing method, or more accurately, the NaNoWriMo method, of word count above all else.

The piece I’ve been working on since last week seems suited to a magazine which has a fiction entry limit of five thousand words.  My piece is  four something now with no real cohesion, so there’s much bloat to sever.

It feels good to be cutting as I go, rather than adding unendingly.

Something on the new piece next time, for now it’s back to work I go.