Houseplant Appreciation Day

Agricultural Alchemy

According to the hive-mind, today is Houseplant Appreciation Day.  Appreciation is often misused to mean positive recognition, when to appreciate something is actually to assign it its proper value.  With houseplants, however, I’d say to appreciate is to hold them in high esteem.

Many common houseplants filter toxins from indoor air, which is frequently more, not less, laden with pollutants than outdoor air.  This is likely due to the constant recycling indoor atmospheres go through, never completely clearing out as they would unencumbered.  Having a few ferns and vines around can markedly improve your air quality by increasing oxygen, decreasing sulfur, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, and mercury, and add moister to rooms, something which anyone who has radiators can attest to being a real benefit.

People who regularly engage with nature, that is, the woods tend toward lower rates of depression. Having a few houseplants within sight can do…

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