Ragnaroking Gently Off to Sleep

Frozen water falls from the sky, some remains atop the ground!  Surely the Ragnarok has begun.

One might conclude as much from the way my neighbors are behaving.  Our governor has already requested a declaration of emergency for the state, had requested it before the first flake fell.  I wasn’t certain the snow would come, I’m  still not sure how much we’ll get but I’m fairly sure it will fall far short of the possible twenty inches on offer.

The day’s been quiet.  Mary and I walked downtown for her to meet with a shop owner about HBGFlea matters.  I spoke with the woman about the shop carrying some of my planters.  Few cars passed us, fewer people were out.  The city had gone scarce even before the snow had come, it starting as fits and spurts of flakes one cannot be sure he’s seen, progressing into a gentle, steady fall as we ate our crepes and watched the side street grow blurry.

The wind grew teeth as we faced into it on the way home.  Those same few cars remained, still out and about, still reckless, but the scant walkers reduced to rare pilgrims walking toward from where we’d come.

At home the snow remained light so that I could clear the walk with a broom.  Either a trick of the light or an actual truth, the snow seemed to stop while I swept, waiting for me to finish.

Inside, too hot.  I’d drop the thermostat another fifteen degrees if it weren’t for the plants and fears of frozen pipes.  Email reminder, finish the Scholastic Writing Awards judgements.  Email back from my would be employer, the counter offer to my request for more offer was a blunt no.  I’ll take the job anyway.  I’ll finish the greater part of the judgements tonight, the rest tomorrow.  Any that escaped sunday.

I’ve no plans of going anywhere this weekend.  It will be quiet.  This weekend is my vacation from the demands self-imposed and imaginary, from responsibilities to any external entity.  This weekend is mine to rest in my frozen den and go quiet for a few hours as the snow builds outside, making the world soft.