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Agricultural Alchemy

Like many other East Coast plant enthusiasts, I’ll be heading to the Philadelphia Flower Show this weekend.

Sadly, I’ll be attending as a Pennsylvania Horticultural Society member only, my potential show plant having succumbed to gravity, and then mortality.  I’m still very excited to be going and look forward to seeing what those with somewhat more intact plants have managed to do.  I’ll be posting plenty of pictures to my Instagram feed, so if you haven’t followed me there I suggest you do so before Saturday.

Astute visitors (and those who’ve been bludgeoned with the half dozen facebook announcements of my having done so)  will notice a newsales page on the A.A. site.  It’s still in its infancy but I hope to have the details fleshed out by the end of the following week.  I’m excited for what we’re growing for spring.

More to come.

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