The Wrote Not Taken

Agricultural Alchemy

I had planned to write a lengthy summation of my trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show, complete with pictures of favorite plants and displays, but I managed to lock myself out of the house for four hours this afternoon and am a bit too tired for precise memory recall of the last few days.  Instead, I’ll write about the last few hours.

I don’t mind having postponed my other chores to do plant work, but I would have preferred to have some tools with me, or at least gloves.

It’s too early in Central PA for anything but bulbs to have begun popping up, so the actual plant part of my yard work was somewhat limited.  Instead, I cleaned up last year’s detritus, processed one of my compost mounds, and re-potted a Japanese maple.

Last thing’s first, the maple is a cultivar known as “Golden Full Moon.”  The tree is…

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