Updates, 18 march 2016

Agricultural Alchemy

I’ve never held a data entry job, and for good reason.  I have little patience and memory for minor details.  That being said, Square does make uploading information to a store database quite easy.  The problem lies with me.  I’ve been photographing my plants for years and only started organizing those photos last tuesday.  Each time I affix an image to a name, I have to sort through several hundred pictures within each folder to find one applicable.  Frequently I find at least one fantastic picture perfectly exemplifying a plant that I’ve not gotten to yet, or worse, one I’ve already done.  Ah, well, Agricultural Alchemy is a labor of love, I can’t very well complain too much when the labor half rears its head.

In fifteen days I’ll be back at theHBGFlea.  I’m in a bit of a rush as I wasn’t sure we’d have a…

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