Air Plants are Inbound!

Agricultural Alchemy

While we at Agricultural Alchemy pride ourselves on propagating the bulk of our plants at our underground nursery here in Central Pennsylvania, there are some species that are difficult to find seeds for.  Such is the case with Tillandsia.

Tillandsia, better know as “air plant,” is an evergreen genus of the Bromeliaceae family.  There are about seven hundred types of Tillandsia, ranging from tiny plants adapted to growing in the crooks of trees in the southern United States to giant clusters that adhere themselves to cliff faces and logs in Central America.  All of them flower and the range  of colors therein is breathtaking.

We’ve just got our first shipment of Tillandsia from a grower in California and are excited to offer these new and different sort of plant friends.  While we can’t wait to share them with you, all plants that we haven’t grown ourselves, that is, ones we…

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