068Writer, artist, cook, philosopher, curmudgeon. Bearer of preposterous beards prior to their social approval.  Alexander is a man of several talents.  

Currently biding time before grad school in his (father’s) Dickensian mansion, he endeavors to combine his enjoyment of nature, his love of writing, his taste for scientific experimentation, and his earnest desire to someday be paid for at least one of those things into a serviceable life plan.n500404472_292238_7452

His primary mode of writing is short form fiction, though he writes creative non-fiction, and the occasional poem as well.

An avid reader and doer, he feels strongly that one should lead one’s life in a meaningful way, so long as the mean output of that meaning means something meaningful. He’s also sometimes mean.

Alexander began his academic career as a delinquent but was told there was no future in it.  From there he studied blacksmithing, then silversmithing, and finally art with a sculptural focus.  Sadly, his pastiche of skills and hodgepodge of classes were not enough to earn him a degree, so he enrolled at Drew University.

n9391615_34053485_7838That mistake realized, he quickly bribed officials to be allowed back out of New Jersey. Escaping with barely his health and sanity intact, he developed his general interest in “plant stuff” into a specific study of horticulture and environmental custodianship.

For several months he worked on boats, in restaurants, at shipping offices, as a model-maker, and frequently at nothing at all, after which he scraped nearly all of his various credits together and dragged them bodily to Penn Sate University.HPIM2391

After nearly ten years of avoiding college, picking at the pursuit as one does at cold leftovers, and then fully embracing the practice only to be rebuffed, he’d settled on a place quite literally back where he’d started.  Likewise, after years of living for a few months here or there, Abiquiu, NM; St. Andrews, Scotland; Worcester, MA; Paris, France;  Madison, NJ, he’d settled in his family home in Harrisburg.  From there, he writes, tends plants, practices kung fu, sculpts, reads, cooks, perambulates, herds cats, meditates, and generally makes a nuisance of himself all while pursuing the ever elusive Satyr of Publication.


  1. My great grandfather bequeathed his red beard to all of his male descendents. Brothers, cousins, uncles, my sons … all have red beards. Of course, Great-grandfather inherited his, as well, but his is used as part of his description. 🙂

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  2. Clear and crisply written. I can learn alot. Keep on looking for the meaning, for the purposeful life. It sounds like you are a young tree about to burst into its potential. Grow and bloom were you are planted.

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