Tentativity (Crop Notebook Calendar, v. 1)

As it’s a friday, I’m inside working rather than going out for a drink.

I’ve finally managed a tentative schedule for seed starting.  I say tentative as I’m rather crap at excel.  I know there’s a way to make it do the more tedious functions but I’ve no clue as how to go about, as such three hours of data entry was my limit.

This chart is the sort of thing any grower should take the time to make.  It acts as a reminder to those of us too forgetful for our own plants’ good and as a method for planning for those of us overwhelmed by the myriad of tasks one faces when starting a garden.  Most of us would rather get our hands in the dirt than spend hours coming up with a schedule, but doing so greatly improves your growing experience.

You really only need to do it once.  Those first few hours invested need never be replicated to the same degree.  Instead you can take what worked and alter what didn’t so that you are, at most, making a few corrections to an already existing model.

Mine is no where near complete and I expect to update it quite a bit in the next few weeks, but mine is a fine starting point if you’d like to copy it.

Planting Schedule Graph